Disco Ball Cowboy Hat

Posted: September 06, 2023
Disco Ball Cowboy Hat
$45.99 - $65.70
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Saddle up your horse, and gallop straight into Funkytown in a Disco Ball Cowboy Hat from Mystical Mosaics. Maybe challenge the locals to a line dance off while you're there, and Hustle them - with a side of Bus Stop and Double Arm Swing - out of their hard-earned cash. Even if you're not a Lil Nas X caliber dancer, the mirrored glass encircling your head will bounce the light of day in every direction, and blind them in their steps. Afterwards, you'll ride off into the sunset, sack o' bills in your hand, glittery tassels blowing in the wind, and Disco Ball Cowboy Hat ready to make its next appearance.

Probably at Coachella. Which you can now afford, thanks to winning all that loot!

The Disco Ball Cowboy Hat is ready to yell, "Yee-haw!" and "Groovy, baby!" at your next festival, Halloween party, or Texas political rally. The hats come in both tasseled and un-tasseled styles, and are all handmade with mirrored disco ball material. Mystical Mosaics needs between 10 and 20 days to get them giddy-up ready.

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