SZQHT Wide Jaw Nail Clippers

Posted: January 15, 2020
SZQHT Wide Jaw Nail Clippers
$9.97 - $12.72
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Ready for a little DIY, at-home snip, snip? This time for your fingernails and toenails, rather than your vas deferens*. SZQHT levels up your cheap and crusty nail clippers with their line of ergonomic, wide jaw trimmers. The sturdy tools are made especially for thick nails and ingrowns, with an opening of up to 15mm, and a handle designed to cradle your fingers for a solid grip and more control as you go to town on your meat hook hands and Sasquatch feet.

SZQHT nail clippers come in 2 sizes, and several different colors, including Prismatic just in case nail clippers somehow resonate with you as the perfect gift for your girlfriend or mama.

*If you want that kind of snip, snip, check out the DIY Vasectomy Kit.

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