World's Smallest Vacuum

Posted: January 25, 2021
World's Smallest Vacuum
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Want to give her something absolutely adorable for V-Day? World's Smallest Vacuum at your service. And this miniature dustbuster isn't just as precious as Baby Yoda either, it's as functional as the little guy too, using its own brand of The Force (i.e., a USB outlet and suction) to clean up dust and dandruff and Doritos crumbs from all the small spaces and crevices of your life.

World's Smallest Vacuum plugs either directly into a USB computer, or a compatible charging adapter. It comes with a reusable filter, 2 attachments, and, if the mini makers are to be believed, "excellent suction." Keep the World's Smallest Vacuum at your desktop, in your kitchen, or in your glovebox for mishaps in the car.

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