MiracleFold Laundry Folder

Posted: April 22, 2015
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No matter how easy this contraption makes folding a shirt, unless the task has just been completed by a paraplegic, I think it's a bit of an overstatement to assign it "miracle" status. That word should really be reserved for the truly awe-inspiring, such as recovery from terminal cancer, or the fact that She-Ra: Princess of Power has officially agreed to be my girlfriend. But since there's no law in the United states against exaggeration and shiesty advertising, this laundry folder and organizer calls itself the MiracleFold.

A hinged Polyurethane board, the MiracleFold promises to abracadabra a disheveled pile of shirts (and other garments) into a neatly-creased stack in just 5 seconds a pop. Its panels contain dedicated hand slots for intuitive grasping and flipping, with folded results sized evenly and ideally for tidy storage in drawers or on shelves. Still not sure about calling it a miracle. I'd probably go with HandyFold or LookLessLikeASlobFold instead.

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