Rolling Cooler with Fold-Out Table & Chairs

Posted: March 28, 2015
Rolling Cooler with Fold-Out Table & Chairs
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So I've hung out with this lady I met on the Internet 3 times now. Like, the same lady all 3 times. She has her own condo and speaks French and can cook pork chops as good as my mama. And now that it's time for date #4, and clear that she's not just using me for my well-developed calves and knowledge of Saved By the Bell trivia, I'm feeling the pressure to plan a date for us that doesn't involve beer and YouTube videos. Well I mean, not just beer and YouTube videos. I'm thinking maybe a romantic trip to the park with an oversized beach blanket, this rolling cooler filled with beer, and my tablet preloaded with the week's top YouTube videos. I think M--no, to protect her identity, I will call her...She-Ra: Princess of Power; I think She-Ra: Princess of Power will dig that.

The key component of my plan is probably the cooler. Wheels and roomy, insulated interiors are standard on all coolers, but this one also has a fold-out table on the sides and pair of chairs for eating the Pringles I'll bring and sammiches she'll surely offer to make us. Lifted and locked in place, the table measures 41" wide x 18" long x 15-1/2" high. The cooler interior can hold up to 28, 12-ounce cans with ice.

Wish me luck with She-Ra.

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