Picnic on the Moon Throw Blanket

Posted: February 19, 2019
Picnic on The Moon Throw Blanket
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What does one bring to a picnic on the moon? I mean, besides a Picnic on the Moon Blanket? Not too light of a meal, I'd say - you're going to need something that will weigh you down a bit, 'ey? Maybe some Texas BBQ ribs with sides of blue cheese potato salad and...well, when in Rome...a little Russian Space Food? And certainly some Astronaut Ice Cream for dessert. All laid out on big ol' picnic disc with a cratered mug that looks like none other than Earth's beacon of the night.

The Picnic on the Moon blanket is really more of a mat. Designed for outdoor use, it has a waterproof base and rolls up into an included carry sleeve that lets everyone know what you are or have been up to (i.e., a picnic on the moon.)

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