Electric Guitar Scissors

Posted: April 25, 2023
Electric Guitar Scissors
$27 - $42
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What better to shred with than a pair of Electric Guitar Scissors? Yeah, OK, a paper shredder. But what if you want to do it by hand, show off your craft, prove you're a real virtuoso? Put the Electric Guitar Scissors to your old credit card statements, 2016 tax returns, and the breakup note you just found from your ex-girlfriend Karen (written on a Hampton Inn scratch pad) and shred it up, dudes!

These rockin' shears are designed in the image of the Stratocaster electric guitar, replicating its body curvature, back contour, 6 strings, fretboard blade, and head, the latter made into an end cap. It's an end cap you might need, too, since the Electric Guitar Scissors are made in Seki-shi, Japan, an area apparently known for its cutlery. In other words, the scissors aren't just sharp looking.

The scissors are just under 8" long, and come in black, red, and metallic blue.

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