Aurora Professional Strip Cut Paper & Plastic Shredder

Posted: July 12, 2020
Aurora Professional Strip Cut Paper & Plastic Shredder
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A couple weeks ago my friend Esteban told me the story of buying his first house. He said the best part was right after he moved in he was cleaning it up, doing some work on the kitchen, and on top of one of the cabinets he found an envelope with a fat stack of naked Polaroids the previous owner had taken of his girlfriend, both of whom he regularly saw around town and knew on a polite smile and "Hey, what's up?" basis.

Esteban said he gave the photos to his real estate agent - after a few passes through all of them, of course - and just told him the seller left something behind. From then on his greatest pleasure was seeing one of them around town and saying, with a big, shit-eating grin, "Hey, what's up?"

And that story reminded me I should really get a paper shredder. And even better, a paper shredder that can also shred CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. Because all too often I can be forgetful or flippant about protecting my sensitive documents and private materials. And all too often there's a scheming, thieving, predatory person out there waiting to pounce on people like me. Or just a happy-go-lucky guy like Esteban who sees a glowing opportunity to make a guy like me seriously regret not being more meticulous about cleaning out his house.

The Aurora Professional Strip Cut Paper & Plastic Shredder arrives ready to turn your old tax returns, bank statements, nudie photos, and sex tapes labeled Encino Man into party streamers. The device expands from 12" to 15" long, and comes either as a solo unit, or with a shredder basket. Capacity per shred is 8 sheets of 20lb bond paper.

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