Butts on Things Stickers, Pins & Artwork

Posted: December 04, 2020
Butts on Things Stickers, Pins & Artwork
$4.50 - $20
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What's up, Taco Butt? Hey there, TARDASSSS! Yo, yo, I see you've got S'more junk in the trunk. No insult and no judgement with my comments, just a sheer appreciation for your Butts on Things sticker, pin, and artwork scores from freelance illustrator Brian Cook.

In his Butts on Things collection, Cook takes everyday objects and pop culture darlings, and, well, slaps an ass on them. A perky, adorable ass that you (and everyone you meet) will probably want to slap right back. Or at least pinch, rub, or kiss for good luck.

No, I don't know if Cook specifically designed his Butts on Things stickers, pins, and artwork as good luck charms, but come on. A burrito butt? A coffee cup caboose? A donut derriere? A Baby Yoda badonkadonk? They've gotta be good luck. Good stocking stuffers too.

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