Venom Mask

Posted: October 02, 2014
Venom Mask
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At first I just thought this Venom mask was realistic-looking in a cool way. Then I watched the video of the guy silently barking and growling with it on, and I still think it's realistic-looking. In a way that indicates I'm not going to be able to be alone in the dark again for a while.

Bring one of Marvel's best-made monsters to life with another silicone masterpiece from Composite Effects (remember their White Walker?) The full head and neck Venom piece is bulky and muscular in form and features the iconic anti-Spider-Man spider on its chest. For better or worse, wearers will have complete control over the movements of its mouthful of jagged teeth, though they'll need to supply their own fetid, foot-long tongue. The mask has also been carefully designed to hide wearers' eyes without blocking vision.

Venom masks, like most dogs and children, are available in styles Standard and With Excessive Drool.

The Venom mask is a top Dude Gift for Halloween pick.

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