White Walker Mask

Posted: June 16, 2013
White Walker Mask
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White Walkers are creepy, dude. Creepy enough that I think I'd rather look like one than at one. But I'd most rather look like Khal Drogo because then all men would still be scared of me, and all ladies would quiver in my path, but the latter would also find me strangely dashing and infatuating and request to be the Moon of my life. (And in some cases, such as in the cases of Arianny Celeste and Kate Beckinsale, I would acquiesce.)

A past CFX Mask of the Month, this monstrous headpiece was recently fashioned in the spirit of a Game of Thrones White Walker to honor the series' third season. Note that while these masks typically sell out, the company will still consider recreating one by request, and upon display of the ability raise a legion of wights to do your bidding. CFX will usually reproduce a previously sold mask for a price similar to that of the original, but sometimes it will cost $1 million dollars. Inquire with them directly to verify.

Or get out the latex and kiln--or whatever instruments are needed to mold a facial reconstruction of a terrifying supernatural beast--and make your own White Walker mask by following these (probably not really) simple steps from Instructables.

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