Harley Quinn PVC Catsuit

Posted: October 05, 2012
Harley Quinn PVC Catsuit
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Given the popularity and loyal following of our last Arkham Harley Quinn costume, I admittedly questioned whether or not there was room for another. And after much deliberation, and approximately 72 minutes of gazing at both costumes' sets of photos, I decided that the answer is yes. Partly because the our original Harley Quinn costume is no longer available for purchase, and partly because this version of the Gotham City vixen garb is made of head-to-toe, 4-way stretch PVC, and served up catsuit-style.

Artifice Clothing, also responsible for the Sexy Tron Outfit, presents a form-fitting, liquid-rubber-looking, red-and-black suit of Whoa! for your costuming and cosplaying pleasure. The Harley Quinn shit stirrer features diamond appliques, an invisible zipper, and white PVC ruffles. Also included is a wicked horned hood that will announce the arrival of pranks and shenanigans, along with indisputable hotness, when the wearer enters a room.

Harley Quinns at heart should know this particular wardrobe accessory has a slim fit that works best for a 36" to 37" bust, 28" to 29" waist, and 38" to 39" hips. Heights of 5'5" to 5'7-1/2" are ideal for the catsuit to wear comfortably, and not asphyxiate its model.

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