Peeping Creeper Prank Prop

Posted: August 29, 2014
Peeping Creeper Prank Prop
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Does it get any better than scaring the Pringles and PBR out of my friend Cornelius by hanging up a fake creeper in a hoodie staring into his living room window at night? Not really. They call this peeping Tom simulation a Halloween prop, but anyone who doesn't haul it out on every major holiday is wasting some first-rate prank material and just perpetuating a mind-numbing day of family time.

I used to break up the monotony of Christmas by standing outside the bathroom door after my grandma went in and yelling Raaawwwrrr! as soon as she opened it again, but a wild-eyed meth head suction cupped to the dining room window will definitely be an even better gift this year, and one that everyone can enjoy equally.

The Scary Peeper mask is made of vinyl and can affix with its suction cup to any window or door.

The Scary Peeper mask is a top Dude Gift for Halloween and Novelty Gift pick.

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