The Dad Hoodie

Posted: September 27, 2020
The Dad Hoodie
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The Dad Hoodie. Guess it wouldn't have been a good marketing move to portmanteau those words for this men's zip-up with 6 internal pockets for stashing all Daddy's baby gear into...The Doodie. Nah, probably not.

Would have maintained a level of accuracy, though, as I'm sure every Dad Hoodie in circulation will become a Dad Hoodie covered in doodie at some point. Good thing some of those 6 compartments built into the hoodie's lining are sized perfectly for extra diapers, wipes, and underoos.

Like the vests and cargo jackets DadGear turned into wearable diaper bags, the Dad Hoodie converts an existing piece of clothing men love to wear into one fashioned especially for a day out with the progeny - one that is possibly less cumbersome, and less obvious, to interact with than your typical baby gear.

Dad Hoodies are made of standard sweatshirt fabric, a soft tri-blend of fleece with some stretch. Double stitch construction helps support all the bottles and bags of Cheerios and excretory system stuff you'll stuff inside, and a breathable lining helps protect you from sweating more than an entire day alone with your kid.

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