Vollebak Black Squid Color-Shifting Jacket

Posted: April 03, 2019
Vollebak Black Squid Color-Shifting Jacket
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Vollebak's Black Squid Jacket, a color-shifting ski coat modeled after its namesake's adaptive camouflage, follows the futuristic clothing brand's efforts to turn world's thinnest material, graphene, and world's hottest material, the sun, into outdoor wear. With the Black Squid Jacket, Vollebak seeks to harness the biological phenomenon that enables squid to change their color and appearance in an instant in response to their surroundings.

While squid change colors to hide, attack, or communicate, the Black Squid Jacket will do so mostly for the last reason. Using lasers, resin, and 2 billion "disruptively-structured microscopic glass spheres" Vollebak has created a ski / snowboard jacket that looks like - well, they say metal or oil, I say a Glad bag - in low light, and then an iridescent spectacle of color when the brightness of the sun, or a flash / headlight, hits. In other words, the Black Squid Jacket is pretty reflective on the slopes.

The jacket's embedded glass spheres are black, and so invisible to the naked eye until light travels through their curved surfaces. At the back of the spheres incoming light is both reflected back out towards its source and scattered away from it, so the Black Squid itself appears to be emitting the light.

Not just a functional "Look at me!" garment, the Black Squid Jacket is also fully waterproof and windproof. It is uninsulated, intended to be worn as an outer shell over your other layers.

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