Sexy Bandage Swimsuit

Posted: June 01, 2021
Sexy Bandage Swimsuit
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Sexy Bandage Swimsuit creator Liliya Pincosy simply calls her photoshoot-ready one-piece the Bandage Swimsuit. I added Sexy to the title because, um, I have eyes. And, this time, not the kind that see a great gag gift, as in the Sexy Chest Swimsuit. The kind that are about to pop out of my head at the extreme hotness of this swimwear design.

What, your eyes are still in your head. Check out the back of the Sexy Bandage Swimsuit in the image gallery.

Pincosy originally handmade the Sexy Bandage Swimsuit for professional shoots in magazines ranging from GQ to FHM to Men's Health (OK, yeah, that's not such a broad range.) Now she's selling it in her Etsy shop, in your choice of color and size, including a listing for plus-size options.

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