Sexy Chest Swimsuit

Posted: June 12, 2017
Sexy Chest Swimsuit
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A sexy man chest to caress and a sexy swimsuit to wear to your next pool outing - talk about having your cake and eating it too, ladies. Good for more than just a few laughs or you next gag gift, the Sexy Chest Swimsuit from Beloved Shirts is the manliest way to show off your womanhood since this lady went to the tattoo parlor.

Naturally, the sexy chest (and back!) depicted on this one-piece is hairy. Real hairy. Everywhere from pecs to belly to back to ass to...Happy traaaaails to you, until we meet again! No wait, that's not quite true. The swimsuit does take a hair break at the thoracic to lumbar region of its back, both to enhance its real-life accuracy, and to create an equally sexy "fuzzy bikini" look from behind.

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