Emo Football Parody Sports Shirts

Posted: June 06, 2021
Emo Football Parody Sports Shirts
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We've seen emo football in the winces and whines of Tom Brady. Emo basketball in the tantrums of LeBron James. Emo soccer in the rolling on the ground, gripping a leg in pain from...pretty much every soccer player out there. Emo hockey - well. You get the picture. But Emo Football parody shirts bring emo sports directly to you, the sports fan.

Or perhaps the sports anti-fan, given the Eeyore-to-Biff-Tannen range of messages and logos the shirts, er, sport.

Comedian Dave Ross has conceived and created the entire line of Emo Football parody shirts, which, at printing, had over a dozen teams in its league. Despite the name, shirts don't feature just football (or soccer if that's what you call it) themed designs and proclamations, but spread their mental health humor across all major sports, professional and college alike.

Ross prints Emo Football sports team logos and sentiments on clothing to order, in your choice of a unisex T-shirt or baseball-style shirt.

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