Cloos x Brady Sunglasses Collection

Posted: May 31, 2021
Cloos x Brady Sunglasses Collection
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Excuse me while I don my Cloos x Brady Sunglasses and practice my Tom-Brady-gazing-off-in-the-distance pose. It's, like, that same look in every photo of TB modeling his Christopher Cloos eyewear collaboration. What's he looking for? A receiver? Nah, it's the off-season. His youth? Doesn't seem to matter when it comes to winning Super Bowls. Gisele? ... Yeah. I would be too.

The Cloos x Brady Sunglasses Collection sees biodegradable acetate frames, all eco-friendly and recyclable, fitted with CR-39 polarized lenses. Supposedly Brady himself is responsible for the wayfarer-esque frame design, available in Bourbon, Espresso, Grey Tonic, and Ristretto colors.

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