Dinosaur Sherpa Coat

Posted: December 07, 2022
Dinosaur Sherpa Coat
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Aelfric Eden calls their Dinosaur Sherpa Coat a "women's" zip-up, and would probably tout it as a gift for a teen girl, but...come on hip young adult street clothing brand! A 40-something dude could rock it too, right? Look drip in it? ... Or is that, wear it as part of his drip? Drip it all night?

My point is, I believe the Dinosaur Sherpa Coat knows no gender and no generation. What it does know is it needs to roar and stomp its way into a box wrapped up with my name on it. I think I prefer the black sherpa coat with the gray dinosaur Aelfric Eden makes to the khaki / green combo pictured above. And while normally I'd say I need a size XXL in junior girls' clothing, this coat looks true to the oversized style that's come 'round in popularity again, so I think a plain old Large will do.

Are you listening? Anyone? Anyone? Mama?

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