Custom Zip Face Swimsuit

Posted: April 11, 2021
Custom Zip Face Swimsuit
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Some ladies have to get pregnant to pop out a baby, but those of you who love your boyfriends or husbands enough to wear their faces plastered across your bellies have only to buy one of these Custom Zip Face Swimsuits. Wear one to the beach or pool, and you'll be able to pop out your sweet baby all summer long. Hope you don't mind a C-section!

You can personalize a Custom Zip Face Swimsuit with any face you like, as long as you have a hi-resolution photo of it to send to Etsy shop My Photo Boxer. Whether it's the man of your dreams, or the dude you're actually with, they'll transfer his face onto the simple black one-piece bathing suit shown in the photos. Obviously, if you'd prefer to depict a lady's face busting out of the suit's faux-zippered front, that works too.

Like the Your Girl Hugging Your Crotch Boxer Briefs, it's hard to tell which the Custom Zip Face Swimsuit is meant more for: a gift for the woman who will wear it; or a gift for the man who gets to stare at himself plastered all over her torso.

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