Your Girl Hugging Your Crotch Boxer Briefs

Posted: March 19, 2020
Your Girl Hugging Your Crotch Boxer Briefs

Not much to add to these boxer briefs. Oh, except for a picture of your girl - girlfriend, wife, crush, black-hearted ex Karen - strategically placed at the crotchal region so as to look like she's hugging your cock & balls. Cradling and keeping them safe. Doting on them like a furry kitten or wee little baby. And speaking of wee little babies, maybe Boo there is looking so loving and protective of your family jewels because she thinks you're gonna let some of their sparkle and shine out to start making some new family jewels. The kind that grow right inside her uterine forge.

Sorry to ruin the effect of your girl hugging your crotch for you.

Let me try again.

If you thought you owned crotch-hugging underwear before, I'll bet you've never put on a pair of crotch huggers like this! Your lady's face! Your lady's warm embrace! Have them both printed right on the one-eyed snake chamber of a pair of boxer briefs. Available in multiple colors and styles, and sizes XS through 3XL.

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