Beaker Muppet Halloween Costume

Posted: August 26, 2011
Beaker Muppet Halloween Costume-973
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Do you want to be the coolest person at the party and have everyone love you? I've got you covered dude. Seriously though, how can the guy/girl wearing the gigantic Beaker head not be awesome? Clothes really can make the man when we're talking Beaker costumes.

From the maker:

The wearer looks out of the mouth (stretchy black fabric covers your face), and can pull a string in the coat to open and close the mouth. Check out the video at the above link, to see it in action. Comes with a lab coat (and the top part of a shirt and tie), 4-fingered gloves, and a sign that says "meep meep" All you need is a pair of ordinary pants. You have pants, right? I sure hope so.

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