Barbie Swimsuit

Posted: May 05, 2022
Barbie Swimsuit
$14.99 - $19.99
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You know what I thought when I saw this Barbie Swimsuit? The same thing you dudes and ladies probably thought: Come on, Barbie, let's go party / Come on, Barbie, let's go party. Followed immediately by a daydream of Margot Robbie wearing the Barbie Swimsuit and splashing around in a pool. Maybe sliding down one of Splinterworks' sick pool slides. Weeee!

Too bad I can't find any swim trunks with "Ken" across the crotch on Etsy too. Nope, don't bother, I'm serious that I tried typing "Ken swim trunks" into the site's search engine, and all of the results were handmade swim trunks for the doll-sized Ken.

This Bubblegum Pink Barbie Swimsuit, though, that's an easy find. Really it's just a cheap one-piece custom-printed with the word "Barbie" in some approximation of Mattel's iconic cursive font, but that's enough for me. And hopefully enough for a hot gift for your girlfriend as we ease into summer.

If pink isn't her (or your) thing, the Barbie Swimsuit also comes in white, black, red, or blue, as well as sizes for all of the ladies out there (i.e., 99.99999% of the ladies out there) who aren't Barbie-sized (i.e., they're healthy and human).

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