Splinterworks Pool Slides

Posted: October 31, 2021
Splinterworks Pool Slides

Splinterworks Pool Slides, now here's something to buy now and look forward to using next summer. Or, more likely, look at now and look forward to using never, since most of us can't afford them.

Splinterworks is known for their luxurious sculptural masterpieces for the home (see Hammock Bathtubs, Bodice Rocker), and their custom-made pool slides for the top 1% are no exception. The photo gallery above shows a range of Splinterworks pool sides built to suit their settings and buyers' tastes. If the Reflex, Verex, Waha, Cadence, Shoot, and Star Rider models don't slip your slide, Splinterworks also takes commissions to build completely OOAK pieces for your outdoor or indoor oasis.

Despite many of the pool slides being made of stainless steel, Splinterworks says their proprietary micro-jet spray cooling system keeps the surfaces "slippy and safe to touch" regardless of temperature and sun exposure.

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