3D T-Rex Ugly Christmas Sweater

Posted: November 17, 2021
3D T-Rex Ugly Christmas Sweater
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If T-Rex can't high-five or do pushups, then you in a 3D T-Rex Ugly Christmas Sweater can't sit down or move freely without risk of taking out people's drinks and cheese plates.

Like many contest-winning Halloween costumes, the 3D T-Rex Ugly Christmas Sweater might earn you first prize at this year's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, you'll wear it at your own peril and discomfort. A plush protruding T-Rex head out front and tail out back create the sweater's 3D effect, but also create a hazard for anyone within biting or swiping range of your movements. You may be popular with the crowd at first glance, but once they get a T-Rex tail in their eggnog, or their eyeball if you're standing and they're sitting, the effect will grow old - prehistoric! - real fast.

And then there's the matter of your desire to have a seat yourself. Or even lean against a wall to take a load off when the mulled wine kicks in. And the Lyft ride home? Uh, hope the driver doesn't think you're leaning over his floor mats to puke.

If things get too Jurassic Park for you though, you can get some relief from the 3D T-Rex Ugly Christmas Sweater by cheating: his head and tail sections attach with Velcro, and easily removable.

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