TEMPTU Airbrush Self-Tanning System

Posted: October 05, 2021
TEMPTU Airbrush Self-Tanning System
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TEMPTU tempts us into the mists of its airbrush self-tanning system with the promise that we'll "Look on vacation indefinitely!" Hmmm. If they could somehow change that "Look" to a "Be," I'd be all in. But I'm a little scared of those airbrush tanners. I tried one of the automatic ones that looks like a teleportation vessel once, and totally pulled a Ross from Friends, getting all discombobulated amidst the noise and spray and weird tactile stimulation that I couldn't figure out when to turn around, and ended up getting hit two times on the front and zero times on the back.

So TEMPTU isn't quite so tempting to a dude like me, but I do think the Ultimate Airbrush Self-Tanner has a place in many a dude's grooming supply chest. Male models and competitive bodybuilders are obvious target markets, but I'm sure plenty of other dudes out there don't like lookin' pasty and wan on a day-to-day basis either. Especially those who don't have a lot of opportunity to get out in the real sun, or don't want to end up with skin cancer.

And, of course, the TEMPTU airbrush self-tanning system would make a solid gift for girlfriends who live in a perpetual state of bronze.

The TEMPTU airbrush tanning set is a whole-body faux-sun solution the company says provides fast, easy, mess-free, natural, and flawless results. The kit includes TEMPTU's cordless Air and refillable Airpod Pro sprayer, a bottle of BHA Exfoliating & Hydrating Skin Prep, and a bottle of Infinite Summer Self-Tanning Airbrush Spray.

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