Sweet Sweat Thermogenic Workout Enhancer

Posted: August 31, 2018
Sweet Sweat Thermogenic Workout Enhancer
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You might get sweaty with your sweetie on the regular, but how often to you get sweet with your sweat? Or maybe the better question, albeit way less linguistically clever is: why the salty beads would you ever want to sweat more? Isn't that something people with hyperactive sweat glands dread and fear and look to SweatBlock to put an end to?

According to Sweet Sweat, you'd want to use their workout enhancer for the same reason you'd use a sauna. They even call it a "portable sauna" for its thermogenic capabilities, which, while exercising, can help to increase circulation and activate areas of your body that don't seem to respond so well to the lifts, thrusts, bends, and crunches you've devised to work them. In other words, they're telling you Sweet Sweat can make you burn more calories.

Sweet Sweat works best when applied before cardio, circuit, or high intensity interval training, and under looser fitting clothes so it doesn't rub off on them. Available in stick or jar form, you'll want to apply it liberally, and don't mess with rubbing it in. The point is to create a Sweet Sweat sheath, or barrier to escaping heat. The heat buildup at application areas causes those areas - abs, thighs, back, etc.) to sweat, and blood circulation to bump.

The extra caloric output comes from the extra energy your body is expending to produce the extra sweat. Sweet!

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