SweatBlock Clinical Strength 7-Day Antiperspirant

Posted: March 15, 2017
SweatBlock Clinical Strength 7-Day Antiperspirant
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Yeah, yeah I know sweating is healthy, but everything in moderation, right? And if your glands produce more of a torrential downpour than a morning dew every time you get hot, winded, or stressed out, SweatBlock antiperspirant may be able to help put your biological weather patterns in check.

For those with decidedly "active" sweat glands, an underarm rubdown with SweatBlock's individually-packaged towelettes can reduce your output for up to a week. That's 7 days of pit stain freedom per application / towelette. The listing here includes a box of 8 SweatBlocks, each wrapped into what looks like condom shape and size to me. So, perfect for your wallet or purse, or your SOS underwear, dudes.

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