SPOTMYUV Stickers - Detect When to Reapply Sunscreen

Posted: July 17, 2021
SPOTMYUV Stickers - Detect When to Reapply Sunscreen
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As if it's not bad enough my mama still nags me to wear sunscreen, now she's gonna slap a SPOTMYUV sticker detector on me everytime I go to her house so she can nag me to reapply it. SPOTMYUV is a color-changing UV detection sticker heliophiles...and their mamas...can place their bodies to let them know when their sunscreen has worn off, and it's time to reapply.

SPOTMYUV Stickers turn clear when slathered with SPF, indicating your skin is protected from the sun's UV rays. As you swim / sweat / chafe / roll around in the sand and that protection disappears, the SPOT turns purple to let you know it's time for more sunscreen.

SPOTMYUV stickers are hypoallergenic and latex-free, safe for kiddos and adultos alike. They are also waterproof, and just 1 micron thick, so dirt, sweat, and sunscreen won't slip underneath the sticker and wear away its adhesive. Each SPOT is rated to stay in place and detect UV for 12 hours or 6 sunscreen applications of wear.

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