Snow Globe Sweaters

Posted: October 13, 2019
Snow Globe Sweaters
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Don't be fooled! These here Snow Globe Sweaters are not cozy and adorable winter hats for snow globes. They're cozy and adorable winter hats for nipples! Like the ones on the ends of boobies. I really don't know why they've been given such a misleading and potentially shit-stirring name, but I'm giving you the kindness of a warning. Be careful who you buy them for.

Not recommended: children under 18, even if they love snow globes; an acquaintance's wife, even if she has a snow globe collection; women in your office, even if they giggle over the F*ck Snow Globe on your desk; your mama, even if you are also giving her a snow globe.

In the title description for Snow Globe Sweaters also appear the words "Hooter Heaters," which is a much better and more obvious name (unless, I guess, you know someone with a pet owl.) The point is, these are little stocking hats sized to cover the nips when it gets nippy out. However, I doubt they'll stay on a lady's nipples very well, or at all, and won't get much farther than the white elephant party or stocking stuffer gag gift pile.

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