F*ck Snow Globe

Posted: June 08, 2019
F*ck Snow Globe
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Well. F*ck. My flight got cancelled, so instead of bringing back coconut bras and pineapples as souvenirs from Hawaii, I guess I'll just shake up this Fuck Snow Globe. My souvenir from life.

The snazzy snow globe is a Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese design. As artists who have been collaborating since the 80s, I'm sure on more than one occasion they've been inclined to shake something they're working on and scream, Fuck!, so it's almost surprising this piece of art didn't emerge sooner. And from hundreds of different creative minds.

Anyone looking for a gift for the office might consider adding the Fuck Snow Globe to their desktop, right next to the Executive Drop Mic. One for the bad days, the other for the good.

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