Pimple Vacuum

Posted: September 29, 2019
Pimple Vacuum

Here comes the pimple vacuum, suckin' up blackheads and pore jam like a Dyson at a dog hair buffet. Look at that photo! It's a vortex of dirt and oil! Acne-ridden teens, check out your new Fairy Godmother in action.

To clarify, the Pimple Vacuum is not intended for zits that have already formed - it's not a popper or a pus-sucker. Instead, you apply this suction machine to blackhead-speckled areas of your skin to plunge the clogs they've jammed in your pores, and help stop the pimples and inflammation they can turn into.

Plus, sprouting crops of blackheads are ugly and undesirable enough on their own, so the opportunity to take your nose from spotted to smooth is reason enough to team up with the pimple vac.

The Blackhead Remover Vacuum has 5 levels of suction for skin types ranging from dry / sensitive to oilier than a bottle of canola.

For blackheads that have pimped themselves out to full-on zits, you might try the Tanda Zap acne clearing device.

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