Tanda Zap Acne Clearing Device

Posted: December 07, 2016
Tanda Zap Acne Clearing Device
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Merry Christmas, fix your face. Heh. I think giving someone the "gift" of a Tanda Zap acne clearer is kind of like giving them a treadmill or some Beachbody workout DVDs. More of a gift for you than for them. But. It is holiday party season, and New Year's Eve is less than a month away. Might be nice to show up zitless.


The Tanda Zap is a handheld, battery-powered tool they say has been "clinically proven to clear or fade blemishes within 24 hours." The zapper head uses blue light to kill the bacteria that causes acne, and a vibration / warming combo to open up pores and flush them out.

Tanda should not cause pain, dryness, or irritation, and is safe for use on all skin types and tones. It needs 3 x AAA batteries (a set is included with purchase.)

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