LED Eyelashes with Lighting Effects

Posted: September 26, 2021
LED Eyelashes with Lighting Effects

I don't know who gets more blinded by the light with these LED eyelashes, the person wearing them or the person seeing them, but hopefully no one gets too robbed of their sight, because the light and lighting effects of Eko Design Co.'s LED lashes are truly a sight to behold.

For the ladies in particular, LED eyelashes can serve as literal beacons to guide dudes, and eliminate your need to tell them, "My eyes are up here" every time you go out.

For anyone in a mood to be eye-catching, the LED eyelashes and their 7 different lighting effects will make great additions to festival and club kid gear, cosplay and Halloween costumes, and dating in the dark events.

Wait, is it dating in the dark or dining in the dark events that they do? I'm thinking the second one, because the first actually sounds like a very bad idea.

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