DEVO Energy Dome Face Shield

Posted: May 20, 2020
DEVO Energy Dome Face Shield
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I was wondering how long it would take someone to whip Devo into the safety dance* that is living through a pandemic. And turns out that "someone" responsible for the Devo Energy Dome PPE Kit you see here is Devo themselves. Or at least the agency responsible for producing and selling the band's official merchandise.

The Devo version of a coronavirus-thwarting face shield obviously attaches to your person via the iconic Devo energy dome (i.e., hat). The shield secures to the helmet via 3 Velcro tabs, which you must stick on and space properly yourself. Kind of a crock given how much they're charging for this silly set of plastic just because it comes with an 80s reference.

What Devo's merch people should have done is combine the face shield with a red-dyed Derucap disaster helmet and sold it as a complete DEVO Energy Dome Face Shield and Falling Object Deflector PPE kit.

*Wrong band, I know. Those men got no hats to sell us.

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