Derucap Collapsible Disaster Helmet

Posted: October 20, 2019
Derucap Collapsible Earthquake Helmet
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Duck and cover? Nah, more like Safety Dance ready. The Derucap disaster helmet pops and protects exposed heads from some of the treacherous by-products of earthquakes and other unexpected emergencies, including the impact of falling objects and unintentional head butts, as well as the heat and flames of fires.

The collapsible Derucap helmet is made of lightweight polyethylene and packs down flat enough to store in a desk or nightstand drawer. It's sized for wear by all ages, kiddos to grandparents, and "activates" with a simple push to pop it up once in place on your head.

According to its Japanese makers, the Derucap helmet has been tested against combustion, showing high flame retardance even when lit directly, as well as shock absorption capabilities "about five times higher than that of the disaster prevention hood," another emergency preparedness item recommended by the Japan Flame Protection Association.

Derucaps come in compact and regular sizes, the former with a small lip encircling the helmet at the bottom and a pointed brim at front, and the latter with a large square lip surrounding the entire cap.

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