Bath Diamond Bioluminescent Bath Bombs & Salt Soaks

Posted: February 21, 2021
Bath Diamond Bioluminescent Bath Bombs & Salt Soaks
$48 - $72
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Bathe in diamonds and roses. No, not literally, but with Bath Diamond bioluminescent bath bombs and salt soaks, figuratively is even better. Figuratively means you still get to submerge yourself in a tub of hot water and suds, rather than sharp edges and thorns, but in a way that looks and smells unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Bath Diamond products all come with a soothing, scented component - the bath bomb or soaking salts - and a vial of Light Crystals. The latter are what make bathtime really shine. Light Crystals contain marine luciferin, natural bioluminescent compounds found in ocean-dwelling organisms, such as dinoflagellates, that glow bright in the dark. Or, as it were, in your bathtub.

Combined with Bath Diamond's concentrated combinations of essential oils into bath bombs and salt soaks, the Light Crystals create an at-home spa experience of unparalleled ambience - or prefunk to sexy time - along with an antioxidant-rich treatment designs to hydrate and repair skin.

Bath Diamond bath bombs and salt soaks may not be the kind of diamonds and flowers your lady thinks she's dropping hints for for an upcoming birthday or anniversary, but if you need a gift for your girlfriend or wife, pouring her a bath that glows the like stars and smells like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon will surely delight her in ways she never expected. Or, I guess, totally gross her out if she's not down with the idea of getting her sensitive bits up close and personal with some light-up marine compounds.

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