Mushlume UFO Bioluminescent Display

Posted: September 08, 2020
Mushlume UFO Bioluminescent Display
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The mysteries of the ocean meet the mysteries of the skies in the Mushlume UFO, an aquarium filled with bioluminescent dinoflagellates that's shaped like a UFO. And a mushroom. It's an "unidentified fun object." Certainly developed by people who have never been drunk or high when brainstorming product ideas.

Like the now-defunct Dino Pet, The Mushlume UFO houses single-celled ocean plankton that naturally photosynthesize themselves into bioluminescent wonders that glow a stunning blue when you swirl them at night. In addition to looking magnifico on your desktop, the Mushlume UFO as a gift for kids will serve as a swell parent-child teaching-learning opportunity.

The Mushlume UFO vessel is made of recyclable ABS, and stands 8" tall x 5.5" wide. As of printing, it hasn't quite landed on Earth, but is seeking crowdfunding for production, with shipment beginning in March 2021 if a $60,000 backing goal is met. If the glow of the Mushlume UFO is calling for you, head over to creator Urbz's website and get your pledge in by December 1, 2020.

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