Arnold Total Recall Face Mask

Posted: September 24, 2020
Arnold Total Recall Face Mask
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The Arnold Total Recall Face Mask: social distancing meets instant Halloween costume. Maybe wrap some painted paper towel tubes around the back of your head, and add aluminum foil caps to the ends that stick out past your ears. Dude. I feel a Schwarzenegger arts & crafts weekend coming on.

The Arnold Total Recall Face Mask is a 2-ply piece made of a cotton / polyester fabric blend. It has a nose wire sewn in for a better sealed fit. Etsy shop The Fox and Possum sells a slew of other fun pop culture face masks as well, including Sloth from The Goonies (almost as realistic, and probably a lot more comfortable than this one), Freddy Krueger, and Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. But, whether you're in the market for a face mask for Halloween, or just as a novelty gift, I think Arnold from Total Recall is the best for pulling off clever, nostalgic, and kinda disturbing all at the same time.

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