Submerge Waterproof Wallet & Cardholder

Posted: October 17, 2021
Submerge Waterproof Wallet & Cardholder
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Whether it's in water, snow, sweat, or bulk wrestling Jello, the Submerge waterproof wallet and cardholder lets you do just that. Submerge. Without worrying your cash, cards, keys, and other small EDC will follow the submergence suit.

The Submerge wallet and cardholder comes in 2 parts, both made from sustainable TPU. The quick-dry outer pouch has a YKK airtight waterproof zipper and an IPX8 100% waterproof rating up to 3 meters. It comes with a removable armband for attachment to your person during activities ranging from swimming and white water rafting to running and skiing. You can also loop a carabiner through the Submerge wallet and attach it to your clothes, bag, or another stable point.

The interior cardholder holds up to 10 cards, plus cash, and can be used on its own when you don't need airtight protection from water, dirt, dust, and mud.

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