Squeeze-a-Bean Edamame Fidget Toy & Keychain

Posted: July 18, 2017
Squeeze-a-Bean Edamame Fidget Toy & Keychain
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I know some of you are sick of fidget spinners, but this Squeeze-a-Bean Edamame keychain is a different kind of fidget toy. A most satisfying kind if the three-pea pod's popping action accurately replicates that of the real thing. That of the best part about waiting for my sushi to arrive. Squeeze, suck, toss, squeeze, suck, toss, it's almost a zen race to see how fast I can empty the first bowl and fill the second. Poppin' 'mame delivers at least as much calm and stress relief as spinnin' snitches.

Press on a bulge of the Squeeze-a-Bean Edamame keychain just as you would a real pod (note: using your teeth not recommended) and a little pea will pop! out, and then slip back inside when you let go. To make the sensation even more special and soothing, the middle edamame bean has a pair of peek-a-boo eyes that peer out when you squeeze for him.

While you won't get a whole fuzzy mound of them, you will get 4 of the fidget toy keychains in each Squeeze-a-Bean Edamame order.

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