Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

Posted: June 05, 2017
Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

A Golden Snitch fidget spinner for all the antsy, anxious, stressed, and spectral Harry Potter fans out there. Add a pair of wings to a copper hub, and you've got your very own Quidditch game for one. Well, more like Fidgetitch. Fidditch?

And you know what they say: a Golden Snitch fidget spinner in the hand is worth 2 hours and 54 minutes of watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the 14th time with your kids.

Yes, that's right, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is two hours and fifty-four minutes long. OK, that's in its extended version, but even the standard release was 2 hours 41.

The metal Golden Snitch fidget spinner comes in a tin box. No word on whether or not Quaffer and Bludger spinners will follow.

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