Kodiak Belt - Field Belt with Knife Sharpener Buckle

Posted: December 26, 2021
Kodiak Belt - Field Belt with Knife Sharpener Buckle
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The Kodiak Belt has a knife sharpener buckle for instant blade-honing in the field. That's great news for backcountry hunters and campers, especially those willing to double up on belts, with a Kodiak on top and a Burls Belt Buckle Knife Belt on the bottom.

The Kodiak Belt comes from Argali, with the belt portion consisting of 1.5" thick bomber nylon webbing and a 6" long vegetable tanned leather strop. The strop is part of the belt's 3 integrated sharpening materials, used to "keep your knife hair popping sharp." The other 2 sharpeners are on the Kodiak buckle, a tungsten carbide sharpening bar running along the top front of the buckle, and an 800-grit diamond plate covering the back. The diamond plate also has a channel carved along its length you can use to sharpen fish hooks.

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