Burls Belt Buckle Knife & Belt

Posted: November 24, 2021
Burls Belt Buckle Knife & Belt

Nothing burlier, or Burl-ier, than a Burls Belt Buckle Knife. The craftsman-designed accessory has got both your pants and your back covered, with it 8- to 9-ounce full grain bridle leather construction also housing a hidden 2.5" stainless steel dagger inside the buckle handle.

And when you're not using the Belt Buckle Knife to fend off an attacker, you can use its bottle opener buckle handle to crack open a bottle of beer. Or, hey, the blade to pierce a can for some shotgunning fun.

Available attached to a black or brown leather belt, the Belt Buckle Knife sheaths securely inside the belt and, according to Burls, can be deployed in seconds. Click here to learn more about the Belt Buckle Knife's design and specs, and to buckle up with one of your own.

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