Dash Quickdraw Wallet

Posted: December 12, 2012
$13 - $19
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Credit card receptacles have gotten awfully fancy--from electronic signatures to electronic signatures with your fingertip to electronic signatures with your fingertip on an iPhone with a craaazy! credit card swiper bug attachment--so it's about time credit card holders followed suit. Though the Dash Quickdraw Wallet is really only "fancy" in its simplicity and innate ability to make my life easier. Like the OHEA Self-Making Bed and the Popinator Popcorn Launcher. Thin, fast, and smart in the way we humans like to ascribe intelligence to inanimate objects, Dash sports two compartments for cards: one a superbly coined "quickdraw slot" that allows for lickety split production of just your favorite plastic money genie's magnetic strip for instant slide-and-swipe capabilities; and another for the rest of your cards, credit, ID, NAMBLA membership, or otherwise. For holdout cash carriers, Dash also has a third pouch on the bottom suited to fat wads of greenbacks.

Dash mastermind Steven Elliot--who apparently comes from an entire family of idea machines; his brother Vincent Ng created the HALO LED Sport Belt--is running the wallet as a Kickstarter project through January 25, 2013. Backers get their choice of 9 Dash thread colors stitched into a single piece of black elastic fabric designed to keep a low, yet durable, profile. So people stop asking, "Is that an enormously bulky wallet in your back pocket, or have you just eaten too many iced Ninjabread Men dipped in egg nog?"

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