Popinator Popcorn Launcher

Posted: September 18, 2012
Popinator Popcorn Launcher

The Popinator, a voice-activated device that launches a kernel of popcorn from its spout to your mouth at the sound of the word Pop!, may not be in production yet, but a once-over of the video makes it fairly clear that it is on its way to epic levels of badassery. Levels akin to the Bug-A-Salt Exterminating Shotgun. I mean, how many devices out there are so wholly useless, yet simultaneously so outstanding that I covet them more than the perfect BLT, Wolverine's chops, and my neighbor's wife combined?

On command, the Popinator delivers puffed corn to piehole using binaural microphones, which not only activate the device's mechanical components, but also estimate the Pop! caller's mouth position to ensure the fired piece heads in its general direction. Trajectory is up to 15 feet indoors.

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