Fat Boys Blob Water Launch Pad

Posted: August 08, 2017
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You don't need to be a fat boy, or even a boy, to assume the position of Launcher or Launchee on the Fat Boys Blob. All you need is a craving for a rush of adrenaline and a fearlessness in the face of heights.

It might be good if you know how to swim too.

The Fat Boys Blob is an inflatable water launch pad. Available in 2 sizes, the floating blaster sets up underneath anything from a platform to a 2-story boat to a cliff. Launchers stand on top of the latter and get their hearts racing in preparation for the jump down. Launchees sit in wait at the other end of the blob, and when a jumper makes contact, it's all Pwap! and Fling! Human projectile a la a popcorn kernel realizing its destiny. Or the timer on a game of Perfection running out. Or a glob of bacon grease splattering straight out of the frying pan.

Fat Boys choose a peanut shape* for their Blobs because the constriction between the two ends increases the speed and, in turn, force of the air wave that rushes from the jumper's to the launcher's end of the pod. Additional engineering went into the red launch pod as well. Fat Boys says, "The secret to a smooth and good launch is how deep the launcher sits into the pod. ... The deeper the launcher sits, the longer he's connected to the blob during launch and the better and more predictable his launch becomes." The Fat Boy is 3 times deeper than any other water launch pad out there, so the dude or lady sitting on it has a smoother trajectory, and way less of a chance of getting whiplash during his / her pop and fly.

I can't say the same for the landing, though. Check out the video of some of the belly, back, and neck flops the brave souls of the Fat Boys Blob Club have had to suck up and swim off.

Fat Boys Blobs are behemoths in the world of awesome water toys at 27' x 11' x 8' and 200 pounds for the regular and 33' x 12' x 10' and 270 pounds for the large sizes. However, their South Carolina creators designed the inflatables to set up in under 45 minutes, and with minimal equipment. Packages come with the Blob, buoys, connection straps, and a repair kit; you'll need rope, a leaf blower, an optional anchors to complete installation.

*One thing I thought of when I saw this Fat Boy was not that it looks like a peanut, but that it looks like another fat boy. One we'd more commonly call a "chubby." They behave similarly too: jump hard enough on either Fat Boy, and it'll blow its wad.

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