Happycall Diamond Nonstick Frying Pans

Posted: June 21, 2017
Happycall Diamond Nonstick Frying Pans
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For non-stick stovetop cooking, Happycall's Diamond Frying Pans might be the best thing that ever happened to me and my eggs. In fact, up, over-easy, scrambled, any way you take them, the term non-stick doesn't even come close to doing this cookware justice. When my 12" Happycall skillet sees a shell crack, I can almost hear it taunting, Just try to stick you stinking albumen!

The same goes for onions and mushrooms. Chicken and fish. Burgers and balls.

I first saw the Happycall name in this Nonstick Double Pan, but what I really needed was a large skillet to replace the one I inherited from my mama's Goodwill pile 3 years ago. And since Happycall customers all seemed pretty happy with their call to buy a Diamond Frying Pan, I decided to test one out too.

OK, Diamond Frying Pans are not made of super hefty cast iron or steel, so they don't seem like these big, formidable, sturdy pans. But their forged aluminum construction does promote even heat distribution, and they have a scratch-resistant porcelain exterior. The pans also have an outer banding so they won't warp and then teeter-totter on your cooktop. And since they're not made of super hefty cast iron or steel, they don't have the super heft of cast iron or steel. I could delt raise mine all day long.

Happycall coats the inside of their Diamond pans with 5 layers of non-stick coating. Enough that you don't need to cook with fat or oil if you don't want to (but I pity the foo' who leaves out the duck fat) and more than enough to make cleanup a rinse and a paper towel away.

Really. As with most nonstick pans, scrubbing the Diamond is not recommended, and as with cast iron pans Happycall cleaning instructions tell you to wash them with water only - no soap. You can sponge out any gunk, and doing a few laps with a dry paper towel to make sure it's clear of food. Then run a new paper towel with a little olive oil on it over the inside surface of the skillet every couple of weeks to keep it in good shape and spirits.

Happycall Diamond Frying Pans come in 7 sizes, ranging from 8" to 11".

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