The RagCutter

Posted: August 14, 2023
The RagCutter
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A big rag is such a drag. Let the RagCutter halve them, or quarter them, or slice them into itsy bitsy pieces of rag confetti, so every rag that wipes, shines, and soaks up for you henceforth is the perfect size.

Designed and produced in New Zealand, the RagCutter solves the age-old problem of buying bags of rags, and finding every rag in the bag is too big for your needs. Painters, plumbers, builders, DIYers, and gardeners can use the wall-mounted RagCutter to slice through oversized rags quickly and easily. The U-shaped cutter is made with recyclable plastic, and has a replaceable utility-style blade installed at its base. The blade can also cut old bed sheets, T-Shirts, towels, bailing twine, and small rope.

RagCutters come in your choice of orange or black, and include a spare blade. A great gift for men with workshops.

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